Why We love Wood Gift Tags

Christmas is right around the corner and with its gifts season. Giving gifts can be beautiful, but also it is a time when our disposable waste increases.

At MAOMA ART for our fourth Christmas collection ho, ho, home! We proposed to use wood gift tags.

We love to use them because they can be reused.

You can write with pencil the names and easily erased them. You can also put the names in sharpie and reuse them for next year.


You can always expand your creativity and marked them, paint on them, burn them and create a piece of decor you love in your home.

We love that you can always paint and decorate the wood gift tags however you want. This truly gives a more personal touch to any gift giving you may be planning for this year.


We also really love that wood git tags last longer than paper gift tags and labels.

We believe that little changes can make a huge difference.


Wood gift labels and tags is one of our many proposals for a more conscious, sustainable approach to Christmas.


Here are some of our favorites from our store.




Let us know what you think in the comments. Would you use wood gift tags instead of paper?


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