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Acacia Wood Plates

Acacia Wood Plates

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The Acacia Wood Plates are a favorite tableware from our store for their natural rustic aesthetic and materials. They create a beautiful statement on every meal.



Available to purchase by piece or Set.

SET of 2 Pieces plates include: 1 S + 1 L 


We maintain the natural aesthetic of the wood, making of each piece a unique pattern. The small plate is carved from a single piece of wood; while the large plate is made from a blend of 2 sustainable logs of wood.

Wood: Acacia

S 15 cm
L 20 cm
SET 1 S + 1 L 



Handwash and dry with a soft towel after washing. Do not use rough clothes to avoid damaging the material.

To restore the warm polished look and keep the wood in good condition, please occasionally (once a month) rub in a little mineral oil with a soft cloth.

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