Redecorating, and giving a new life to your home, doesn't always have to be so complicated. Sometimes a little change can make a huge difference and impact in your interior. So if you feel like this is your case, Here are 5 easy free changes you can make today in your home to renew the decor

.1- Move The Furniture

Sometimes, all your home needs is a change in the layout of the furniture. So take the time to analyze your behavior in the room, and the uses you give to each area. Once you design your flow and what use you gave to each area. Move around your furniture and decor to make sense of your vision, play with it, and have fun. You will see how a little change can make a huge difference

2- Declutter

Less is more, and that becomes especially true when in comes to stuff in your home. Take time to declutter your home, decide what you keep, what you throw away, and you want to donate. We often accumulate a lot of stuff throw the year, we don’t realize it. Try using the Marie Kondo method and lay all that stuff in front of you. A declutter space is an organized mind, you will feel lighter and your home will feel better.

3- Organize

An organized space, is organized life and mind. If you ever find that a certain space in your home is always a mess, no matter what you do or how many times you clean it. You need to organize. Give each thing its own place, once you're done using it put it back in its place, as simple as that. A simple change like that can make a huge difference in your interior, life and mind.

4- Clean and treat

Like any other thing in this world, your home needs to be clean and treated. Take the time to wash the curtains, clean your mattress, and take care of your wood furniture. We often forget when the last time we deep cleaned and treated our stuff was. Sometime, an easy deep cleaning and treatment of your stuff is all they need to look and feel good as one. Clean them as if you were going to sell them, and you will see how new they feel.

5- Renew with a DIY Project

If you have more time in your hand, why not try and get creative with a little DIY project? Collect all your clutter in your home, find inspo and get creative. Create a table runner out of old curtains, or use your old bottles and renew them as flower vases. There is a lot of Home DIY you can do, find more inspiration in Pinterest and YouTube. Get the creative juice flowing, have fun and make a day out of it with a beautiful souvenir.

So there you have it, our favorite 5 easy redecorating changes you can make in your interior today. Choose your favorite one, and tell us how you feel after implementing it.

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