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Automatic Mini Kitchen Scale

Automatic Mini Kitchen Scale

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The Automatic Mini Kitchen Scale has a simply beautiful minimalistic design, great for weighting and measuring while cooking in the kitchen. The Digital Scale has an automatic shutdown function, after 3 minutes without using it, it turns off.



Purchase by Piece.

Includes 1 Piece



Smooth, solid, texture surface.

Plastic. PP



152 X 130 X 26 mm

01. Measure range: 0.5g-2000g

02. Storage temperature: -10℃ to 55℃

03. Use temperature: Surface -10℃ to 60℃ With silicon pad: -20℃ to 100℃

04. Key mode: Capacitive touch (no need to press hard)

05. Assistive Indicator: built-in buzzer

06. Battery: Built-in 1600mAh Lithium lon rechargeable battery standard Voltage: 3.7V Voltage range: 3.4V - 4.25V

07. Charge: 5V DC/1A with TYPE-C cable Built-in Smart system to control battery charge. The adaptor is not included. Type of adaptor: 220VAC / 110VAC Output: 5V/1A




Clean with a damp, soft towel.


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