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Matte Black Cutlery Set

Matte Black Cutlery Set

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The Matte Black Cutlery Set has a beautiful rustic design with a vintage aesthetic as inspiration. 



Available to purchase by Set

4 Pieces Set = 1 Person Set = 1 Forks + 1 Knifes + 1 Spoons + 1 Teaspoons.



Smooth matte texture and frosted surface.

Material: Metal. Stainless Steel.


Fork: 2.8 * 20 cm Knife: 2 * 21.5 cm Spoon: 4.3 * 22.2 cm Teaspoon: 3.3 * 16.4 cm

Handwash and dry with a soft towel after washing.

Not suitable for: Dishwasher, microwaves, ovens.

Do not use Steel Wire to clean.

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