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Kitchen Scale With Bowl

Kitchen Scale With Bowl

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The Kitchen Scale With Bowl has a silver color made of stainless steel, it includes a bowl, and some amazing features that make cooking and measuring easy and fun, some of those convenient features are multi-unit conversion (the scale is able to measure and weight units in grams (g), ounces (oz), ml, kg & lb), Thermometer, Countdown timer, Automatic shut-Down.


Purchase by Piece.

Includes 1 Scale + 1 Bowl.



Smooth, solid, bamboo texture surface.

Stainless Steel. Metal



Bowl Size

Diameter 8.66 in

Height 3.74 in

Scale Size

Top Length 4.72 in

Bottom Length 7.67 in

Capacity Up to 5 Kg | 11 lbs

LED Display & Multi-unit conversion

Able to measure units in grams (g), ounces (oz), ml, kg & lb.


Countdown timer

Automatic shut-Down

Power Saving Design

Uses intelligent technology to indicate when the scale's battery power is too low and when the item being measured is too heavy. This scale will automatically switch off when it is not in use - in order to save power from its batteries.




Clean with a damp, soft towel.

Dry with a soft towel after cleaning.

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